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Our Philosophy

We believe that young children learn best through play. Each day our children explore, interact and challenge themselves while choosing among a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities.

Central to our program is the notion that parents are a child’s first teachers. Under the guidance of early childhood educators, Oaks parents work and learn how to be more effective parents -- from each other and the children. Our weekly parent education classes recognize the pivotal role of family in young children’s lives and provide ongoing education to foster parenting skills.

We also believe the environment acts as a quiet yet profound teacher in the lives of young children. This notion inspires us to thoughtfully set up the learning environment each day to foster a child’s natural sense of curiosity, exploration and wonder. We are also keenly conscious of our natural environment: The Oaks strives to become an increasingly sustainable “green” environment for our families within the urban setting we inhabit.

A core value of the Oaks’ program is a focus on social-emotional foundations. We recognize the important work children do as they develop friendships, practice problem solving and conflict resolution, develop self regulation, and enhance their emotional literacy. Fostering social-emotional skills is also a core theme in the parent education classes.

In a cooperative school environment where children and parents participate, a strong community naturally emerges. We believe this community strengthens our children and their parents, now and for years to come. Generations of Oaksters are living proof.

Each year, we are grateful to welcome families from a wide variety of financial, ethnic, educational, and national backgrounds. We believe this diversity strengthens us.

Our Mission

We strive to create a joyful, play-based, cooperative preschool, supporting diverse families in a nurturing community to prepare them to navigate the world with confidence.

Our vision

Families flourishing within their communities

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