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Enrollment and Tuition Rates

Please schedule a visit to join our Waitlist for Fall 2024 and beyond.
Due at Enrollment 

Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee for First Child: $100/annually

Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee for Second Child: $50/annually

Disaster Preparedness Fee: $10 (one-time fee for each family)

Morning Program
Tuition is based on the number of days a child attends each week.  The annual rate is divided into 10 equal payments (August-May).  
Children may enroll in as many days as they are years, plus one. Children who are 2 1/2, may enroll in up to 3 mornings. Children who are 3 years old may enroll in up to 4 mornings. Children who are 4 years old may enroll in up to 5 mornings, as long as there is sufficient coverage and space.

1 day per week: $98/month

2 days per week: $196/month

3 days per week: $294/month 

4 days per week: $392/month

5 days per week: $490/month

6 days per week (for families with siblings): $588/month

Extra Day/Call-In: $30/day (space allowing)
Materials Fee: $200/year or $20 per month (annual fee per family)
Returned check fee: Amount assessed the Oaks by its bank
Afternoon Program

Our afternoon program is available Monday through Friday, 12:00pm - 4:30pm.


Tuition is based on the number of days a child attends each week.  The annual rate is divided into 10 equal payments (August-May).    

Children are eligible to enroll in the Afternoon Program with the approval of the afternoon program head teacher. The afternoon program is intended for children who are independent with toileting and are able to follow directions. No additional parent participation is required for attendance in the afternoon program. A child may only attend the afternoon program if they are also enrolled in the morning program.



1 day per week: $160/month
2 days per week: $320/month
3 days per week: $420/month
4 days per week: $560/month
5 days per week: $700/month

Extra day/call in: $40/day (space allowing)

Materials fee: $50/year or $5/month (annual fee per family)

Returned check fee: Amount assessed by the bank

Summer Program

Summer Program sign-up starts towards the end of the school year and is billed in June prior to commencing.  There are eight weeks of summer program available; each week has a limit on the number of participants and will be selected by lottery. The Summer Program runs from 9 am - 1 pm.


The fee for a full week is: $250/week (includes materials) 


Fee Policies

All tuition payments are due on the dates listed in the fee schedule below. The initial payment will also include the materials fee. You will be invoiced 7 days in advance of each payment period. If payment has not been received 10 days after the due date, your child may not attend school until all fees are paid in full. There are no fee adjustments for illness, vacations, or any other leaves of absence.

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $100.00 ($50.00 for any additional children) will be charged to returning families at the end of the year. For new families, these fees are charged at the time of enrollment.

The tuition fee is an annual amount divided into ten equal payments for convenience. If a child must leave The Oaks mid-year, the family will be responsible for the payment of the month in which they leave.

Tuition assistance is available for those who need it and is available upon request. Please inquire for details.


Fee Schedule

Enrollment Fee & Disaster Preparedness Fee: Billed at enrollment

Yearly Tuition: Billed in 10 payments (monthly)

Summer Program: Billed in May or June (prior to start of Summer Program)


Specific billing questions can be addressed to

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