The Oaks is a play-based cooperative preschool. Enrollment in both the morning preschool program and the evening parent education classes are on a first come, first serve basis. The Oaks is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan, interracial group that welcomes diversity. Community members are welcome to participate in the evening class independent of having a child enrolled in the morning program. However, families who have a child (or children) enrolled in the morning program must attend the evening parent education class. To be added to the enrollment waitlist, families must first schedule a tour. During the tour you have an opportunity to observe the program, fill out a waitlist card, talk to parents and ask the director any questions you might have. Please refer to the enclosed leaflet for current tuition rates and hours.

We believe that participation at The Oaks affords parents rare insights into the emotional and social development of children. Our objective is to help children move toward independence, within a safe and caring environment.

To schedule a tour please contact the Director at (805) 682.7609 or email: