Each morning the parent participating in the Kitchen Area brings the snack for The Oaks. Throughout the school year each family will be responsible for bringing snack on at least two days, and in some instances, four days. Please plan on bringing a balanced snack that includes fruit, vegetables, protein and grains/starch for 65-70 children and adults. The Oaks provides the napkins and cups for snack.

By providing the children with several choices of healthy foods at snack time we give them a better chance of getting the nutrition and energy they need for the morning program. Accordingly, it is important that the snack foods do not contain sugar.

Water is the preferred drink for the children. 

Listed below are samples of snack menus that work and the quantities that are needed to feed this hungry group. Feel free to devise your own snack menu.

  1. Recipes
  2. Food concerns

Daily Kitchen Procedures

8:30 – Arrive with snack. Coffee already prepared.

Examine the list of children with food allergies posted in the kitchen. If there is a field trip, prepare the snack by 9:30 to go on the field trip.

8:45 – Serve coffee to other parents at their Participation Areas.

Begin preparing snack for the Story Tables.

10:00 – Red-Tag snack should be ready for Laura to serve

10:30 – Blue-Tag snack should be ready for the children to pick up

10:45 – Parent snack should be ready for Laura to serve.

10:50 – Clean the Kitchen Area so that it is ready for the following day.

It is important to know that children are not permitted in the kitchen; the Kitchen parent will have little contact with his/her child during the Morning Program. Accordingly, new parents will not be assigned to the Kitchen Area until several months after school starts. This delay will help the new parents and their children adjust to and better understand the flow of The Oaks’ day.