Wheel Toys

The bike area is another area that can get really busy! Bikes and scooters are stored at the east end of the bike area in the bike shed. The parent working this area gets to decide how many bikes and/or scooters s/he feels comfortable supervising. We also have signs and a gas station that can add dramatic play opportunities in this area. 

The bike shed is painted with chalkboard paint, so children may use chalk on the doors or on the sidewalk, providing they are not in danger of getting hit by the bikes.

Bikes and scooters should move in one direction, and early in the year children may need to be reminded to use their brakes so they don’t bump into others (no, the bikes don’t have brakes, but this positive statement makes clear what is expected, and it is more effective than saying “Don’t run into your friends.”).

On really warm days, children enjoy washing the bikes. Supplies include: rags, buckets of soapy water, and spray bottles.

The bike area can also be turned into a track, if children are interested in running.  A table can be set up with cups of water, and post-it notes can be attached to name tags so one can keep a tally  or count of laps around the track. This is especially fun, when jog-a-thons are happening at the local elementary schools.