Tree house

This is one of the busiest and most heavily used areas of the school. The tree house is a maze of different play areas including the tree house tower accessed by a ladder, the slide area, the rope ladder, and the areas under and in the back of the tree house. In order to provide adequate supervision of the tree house, we suggest that assigned parent stand in a location where s/he can observe the entire structure. The parent must be ready to offer assistance to the children who need help using the tree house, as well as, monitoring the group play of children in the tower and the area underneath the tree house. Especially be on the lookout at the beginning of the year, as many of our youngest children have not yet figured out how to safely get down from the tower. They will need some guidance to learn that it is safest to turn around before climbing down, and to climb down backwards. Also, be on the lookout for our youngest when they are climbing the rope ladder as they sometimes get their feet caught in the rope ladder and don’t have the core strength yet, to disentangle themselves.

Accessory equipment available for the tree house is a climbing rope that can be attached to the top of the slide. The climbing rope enables the children to climb up the slide. The parent helps the children take turns climbing the rope. Be sure the rope is placed in the middle. Children have been known to go over the side of the slide while climbing the rope, when it wasn’t centrally placed. At the end of The Oaks day, the tree house parent returns to the tree house area and continues to monitor the tree house until the cleanup of The Oaks is completed.


Climbing rope: Attach climbing rope to slide for climbing up slide (stored in bike shed).