Sand, mud and water are sources of deep pleasure and satisfaction for many of our young children. Sandbox supplies are stored in the Outlast outdoor shed, and on a shelf next to the office door. Open up the Outlast shed doors, and talk to the children as they enter the sandbox asking them what they would like to play with. Facilitate their play and interests.

If children want water, they are encouraged to carry a bucket to the pump which is now located under the lemon tree. If they want more than a bucketful, you may want to get the hose out (stored in a box adjacent to the sandbox). Please redirect children going to the bathroom for water, to the outdoor sources. This gets sand in the sink, and also results in water on the floor, which is a safety issue.

Shoes may be removed in the sandbox area, if the metal shovels are not being used. Please help children with their shoes, before they leave the sandbox. It is helpful to have a tub of clean water and towels ready to assist children in cleaning feet before replacing shoes. Have the children rinse their sandy hands in the tub to prevent large amounts of sand from entering the plumbing system.

At the end of the morning put away the toys, rake the sand and brush off the benches. The children can also participate in raking the sand with child-sized rakes that are located in the tool shed near the bike area.


Waterplay:  Fill large wash tub with water for water play. Remember to help children take off shoes and socks first and get a bucket ready to clean-up feet with. You may also want to roll up some of the children’s pants.

Surface texture

  • Change surface of sandbox by shoveling sand into mounds.
  • Crater – Help children dig a large crater in the center of the sandbox.
  • Raking – Get out bamboo children’s rakes and let the children help you rake the sandbox.
  • Treasure hunt – Hide objects in the sand and have children dig for them.
  • Bridge – you can place one of the benches over the crater, for children to cross.