New Experiences

New Experiences is a place of discovery. Children are given opportunities for hands-on exploration of natural science, physical science, simple machines and mechanics, and sensory exploration. Some suggestions follow:

  • Flower Dissection (Laminated flower morphology charts are available)
  • Owl Pellet Dissection (Check on availability – we usually have some in stock; we have trays, skewers, tweezers, trays, and laminated bone charts)
  • Worm box (stored outside), bring in contents of worm box to search for worm cocoons, and to explore the body of an earth worm (laminated worm morphology charts are available)
  • Light, refraction and reflection (we have mirrors, filters, flashlights)
  • Bird Nest building (provide examples of bird nests, and provide materials for children to build their own; some clay could be provided to form eggs, if children are interested).
  • Sink or Float activity (most materials are available)
  • Nature Walk outside. Look thru the grass, and turn over rocks. Bring in specimens to identify.
  • Make Oobleck (recipe and supplies are available).
  • Pouring, measuring and making secondary colors with primary (supplies are available at school). This activity is a nice one to move outside.
  • Fossils – dissect a soft sandstone fossil (set this up in the front on a tarp; use goggles). We have fossils and identification charts. We also have fossil molds, if you would like to make Plaster of Paris fossils.
  • Penny polishing (with pennies and lemons – you will need to bring in the materials).
  • Things that Fly (this is a directive task, but appropriate for some of our oldest children; talk to Sunny or Laura if you are interested in this activity).
  • Boat Making (with bark, twigs and leaf sails – you will need to gather the materials; we have glue guns).
  • Taking apart broken appliances (check with Laura or Sunny; avoid appliances/ equipment with soldered panels as they contain lead which is toxic, especially for the very young; you may need to bring in extra screw drivers).

The New Experiences area is cleaned up for 10:30 AM snack. A different activity is set up after snack – a fine motor or sorting activity, typically.