The music room is a fun, creative place for the children and parents. Laura will have already turned on the music before the families have arrived, but once settled in you may navigate the music system with the remote controller and you may select: a playlist, an artist, a CD, or a specific song.  If you would like to add a CD to the music system, please bring your CD to the Technology Chair or Sunny, the week before you want to access it in the Music Room. 

Consider some of the following suggestions, as you decide what activities the children will be interested in, that morning.

  • Puppet Stage and puppet show
  • Dancing (consider using scarves, ribbon streamers, tap shoes, hula skirts or other musical props and costumes)
  • Yoga (plan ahead and ask for the loan of yoga mats from other families)
  • Musical Instruments – we have an extensive collection of musical instruments. Set some out in an attractive way to invite exploration.
  • Practice a song (a child’s favorite) and prepare to bring it to circle time. We also have some children’s picture books, that provide the music and lyrics, that you could set out.
  • Drum circle (this works well outdoors, on the lawn or in the front)
  • Parachute (an outdoor activity)
  • Make simple percussion instruments and explore rhythm
  • Song Writing (especially appropriate second half of the year)
  • Musical Chairs (with no losers) 

Should you want to play one of the guitars, we now have a tuner that is kept up on the far right shelf above the dais/raised platform and mirror.