Middle Playground

The Middle Playground Area includes  the grass area and the Monkey Bars. Parents working this station are asked to monitor the lawn and assist children climbing the monkey bars.

Obstacle Course:  Should parents and children decide they want to create an obstacle course, the following equipment is available:  Two wooden A-frames, planks and ladders (stored to the back of the school), collapsible tunnel (stored in the bike shed), rocking boat/ bridge and balance board (stored in the block room). Children and parents can work together to assemble an obstacle course, but please discourage children from placing equipment under the monkey bars. Be especially alert to any unsafe arrangements of the ladders and boards.

Hammocks:  Fabric is stored in the Doll Room Closet that can be tied to the monkey bars to create hammocks. Be sure to tie double knots (as for help if you need it). This is an especially soothing activity for children. Some children like to gently push their friends when they are waiting their turn.

Fort:  If children want to use the Monkey Bars area to create a tent or fort, get the parachute (stored in the Music Room), sheet or blanket and cover the bars (secure with clothes pins).

Water Pump:  The water pump is currently placed under the lemon tree in close proximity to the hose. This also is an activity that comes under the purview of the parent supervising the Middle Playground. Especially on hot days, if children are not using the monkey bars, consider filling up the water pump tub and get the watering cans and buckets out. Children can be encouraged to water plants in the garden. Some children like carrying their water over to the sandbox.