Art Room

Every morning an art activity is set up on the art table.  Parents can choose from a wide variety of art materials kept in the art closet.  Some of these include:

Liquid water colors – Set out paper and 7 liquid water color containers with a brush in each color. 

Tile boards – Liquid watercolor is painted on the tile boards.  Place a piece of paper on top of board to make a print.  Wipe off tile board when child has finished.

Chalk and liquid starch – Chalk is drawn on white or colored paper then covered with liquid starch.

Tiles and brayers – Acrylic paint is used to roll onto the tiles with the brayers.  Children can draw shapes on to the tile using a variety of materials.  Take a print by laying paper on top of tile.  Wipe off tile when child has finished.

White clay – Place 6 or 7 clumps of clay along with clay tools directly onto table. Clay is reused so it is not to be taken home.

Collage – The variety of this activity is endless. Children glue objects onto a backing. Use baskets kept in art closet to display collage materials. There are a variety of collage materials kept at The Oaks in the art closet at all times.  You can also gather your own collage items to bring in.

Clean up begins at 9:50 so table will be ready for 10:00 snack time.

At 11:00 manipulatives such as Legos are brought out from the art closet and set on table.

Here are a few public links to Ann Pelo chapters, for deeper instruction on collage, water colors, clay, line drawing etc.

Black & White Paints
Cornstarch & Water
Easel Painting
Finger Painting
Oil Pastels & chalk
Tempera Paints
Water Color Paints