Animal Enrichment

The parent assigned to Animal Enrichment will take provide feed and water for the animals and clean out their cages. Instructions for each animal are in the animal shed. Please follow these instructions carefully to keep our animals healthy. If you have questions, please check in with Laura. The first duty is to set up the enclosure on the grass at the shady end of the lawn. This is where Freckles is placed. Daisy can be put in the enclosed area in the front. During the morning, be sure to provide the animals with fresh water and food, and change their bedding materials. Food and bedding materials are stored in the animal shed located on the opposite side of the tree house. Parents are welcome to use gloves and a lab coat (stored in the shed) if they choose. During the morning, the animal parent handles the animals and closely supervises the children’s handling of them.

Animal Handling

The animal parent’s responsibility is to help the children learn about animals and to keep both the children and the animals safe. Never permit the animals to be mistreated. Each animal should be taken out and petted before and after story time every day so they remain gentle for our children. In addition, the rabbits should be checked for health and brushed every day (brushes can be found in the shed). Only one animal at a time should be taken out of the enclosure.

Especially in the fall, you will notice that some children have not yet had an opportunity to care for animals, therefore it is important to supervise closely to ensure that the children handle the animals with gentleness. Encourage the children to observe how each animal behaves. Children may feed leafy vegetables to the animals; sometimes these are growing in the planters at school for children to harvest. Otherwise, you can ask children to check in with the parent in the kitchen for greens. Check the instructions posted in the animal shed to determine which vegetables are appropriate for each animal. We hope you enjoy this station; it can be a very soothing and relaxing one for the children. If you have allergies to bunnies please check in with Laura and Sunny.