Day Area Instructions

Suggestions for a Successful Workday

Parent Participation Stations rotate every two weeks. Given this, it is very likely that within a year’s time you will have been in each station at least once. The following suggestions and guidelines were written to help make your participation days fun and successful, for both you and your child.

We encourage you to think ahead before your workday, especially if your station requires a planned activity. Before your workday, boldly open up the cupboards and explore kits and supplies to see if there is something that is especially inspiring to you. Reflect on children’s recent interests, including your own child. Let these observations guide you in selecting an activity. You are also welcome to talk to Sunny or Laura, and/or the Committee Chair, who very likely will email you or call you before your participation day, to offer support and ideas.

Arrive on time, be prepared and bring your enthusiasm and the creative ideas, as everyone will benefit – including the children and other parents.

A weekly Parent Participation Schedule is always posted on the adult bulletin board by the outside sink area. This is also where the parent’s sign-in sheet is kept. Should a holiday occur during one of the rotations, the schedule will pick up after the holiday is over. In other words, the two weeks will be completed before parents rotate to the next station.

      1. Animal Enrichment
      2. Art Porch
      3. Art Room
      4. Carpentry
      5. Doll Room
      6. Middle Playground
      7. Music
      8. New Experiences
      9. Sandbox
      10. Treehouse
      11. Wheel Toys