Outdoor Activities

The Outdoor Committee is responsible for the following areas at The Oaks:

Wheel Toys (Bike area): Check the condition of the bikes regularly and tighten loose pedals, handlebars and seats as needed. Lubricate bikes and scooters. Clean and organize the bike closet as needed. Decorate the bikes for themed events (the Oaks has many items in storage for this purpose, and other committees may also use these for events they have planned).

Sand Box: Maintain the sand toys, empty and clean the storage box as needed (various themed items may be buried in the sand box for festivals- always check with director and/or assistant prior).

Flower boxes: Periodically weed and prune the flower boxes. If needed, replace and replant.

Carpentry: Maintain an ample supply of soft pine wood in the wood bin and ideally a surplus to prevent running out. The pieces must not be too large since we do not really want to have to cut them down to size- but if necessary, talk to the committee chairs to arrange this.  Ensure that the type of wood is soft enough for children to hammer nails into.

Weekly Responsibility: On your workday, check in with the parent in the carpentry area and see if they have any questions.

Outdoor Committee Festivals and Events:

In addition to our ongoing responsibilities, our committee will host three events:

1. Harvest Festival in late October (Wed, Thur, Fri)

2. Camping Week in May (Mon, Tues, Wed)

3. Camping Weekend in mid May Fri, Sat, Sun)

All committee members must work an extra morning for the festivals and assist with set up/clean up of the events. Every committee family is expected to attend the camping weekend- so please plan ahead.

Monthly Rotation:

When it is your assigned month, you should do the following:

1. Collect the soft pine wood from our suppliers. It is best to call in advance to make sure they have an adequate supply. Bring the milk crates for transport. Please check with them at least twice during your rotation. Our suppliers are as follows:
PJ Milligan’s 966-1188 740 Cacique Ave Santa Barbara

2. Monitor and maintain the carpentry supplies (long and short nails, screws, sandpaper etc.).  Keep the area organized as needed.

Carpentry Supplies: (nails, screws, etc.) may be purchased from any hardware store- OSH has bulk supplies.

Craft Supplies: Art from Scrap 302 East Cota St. in SB 884-0459 Hours T, W, F 10-2, Th 10-6, and Sat 10-3.

Michael’s Crafts in Fairview Center in Goleta

3. Check and restock the craft supplies as needed. Find any “seasonal” items to add to the area. (Art from Scrap or Michael’s)

4. Check condition of the bikes and attend to any minor repairs as needed. If any of the bikes needs major work, please let the committee chairs know. Clean and Organize the bike closet as needed.

You may purchase supplies as needed for our committee during your assigned month or as assigned for festivals. A purchase of $20 does not require approval, between $20-40 requires approval from the director, and over $40 requires Board approval.

2013 Oaks Campout Info Sheet

The Oaks campout is for immediate family members only and there are no pets allowed. The campsite has fully equipped (and free) showers, bathrooms for our use and running water for washing dishes. The water is potable but does not taste great. There is also a camp store with water, ice and some food items for sale.

Quiet Hour is at 10pm each night.

There are some charcoal BBQ’s in some of the campsites but not enough for everyone. There are also limited tables. You should consider bringing camp stoves/ table top Weber BBQ’s and folding tables and chairs of your own to ensure that you have a place to sit during the weekend.

Meals: You may purchase Dinner on Saturday evening and Breakfast on Sunday Morning. Please see the sign-up sheet for menus and pricing. Meals must be purchased in advance of the campout.

Activities: We will have several organized activities in the central grassy area (e.g. face painting, bubbles, scavenger hunt) available for families to participate in at the campout in addition to hiking, swimming and exploring the nearby creek. We will have a sign up at the campout in a central location with the times listed for various organized activities.

Campfires: We will have a campfire both Friday and Saturday evenings. On Saturday evening we will have music arranged by our Music committee. We will also have a “light stick” parade and be making s’mores. We will provide the light sticks as part of your camping fees. You will need to bring your own s’mores making goodies and roasting sticks.

Horse Rides: On Sunday morning from 9am to 11am there are optional horse/pony rides available at an extra charge (approximately $15) for our kids to participate in. The rides are 15 minutes each and you must sign a release form and provide your own helmet for your child to ride.

Ice Cream Social: This will be on Saturday afternoon from 2:30-3:30. Please specify on the sign up sheet how many scoops you would like. Bring cash to the social and pay when you get there- do not add it to your total for the campout.
Oaks Family Campout

Family Name: ________________________________

1. Attendance/Activity Fees: Cost is $40 per night per family. Day use only is $5/person and children age 2 and under are free.

Friday Night ($40.00) $ Saturday Night ($40.00) $

  1. of people Saturday day use only

$5 x # ______ people $
2. Saturday BBQ dinner: choose tri-tip, chicken or veggie lasagna for adults and chicken nuggets for children. All entrees include salad, beans, vegetable, roll and dessert.
tri-tip dinners # X $14.00 = chicken dinners # X $14.00 = veggie lasagna dinners # X $9.00 = child chicken dinners # X $6.00 =

3. Sunday Breakfast: Two pieces of French toast with milk, juice or coffee

  1. of breakfasts (child and adult same price) __________ X $6.00= $____________

4. Saturday night we will be having a “light stick” parade. We will be ordering light sticks for those that sign up and pay for them:

Light Stick: #of children (include siblings!!) ______________ x $1.00 = $_________

5. Face Painting/ Bubbles and Scavenger Hunt: We will be hosting several activities for families to participate in on Saturday afternoon. In order to cover the costs of bubbles and face paint we are asking each family to contribute $3.50

Activities Donation: $3.50
6. Horse Rides: These will be done on Sunday from 9-11am. Horses are led around by the wrangler and will last approximately 10 minutes. Cost is $15 per ride.

Horse Rides #of children ____________X $15.00 = $__________

GRAND TOTAL: $__________

Make checks payable to “THE OAKS”. All payments and fees are due by 12 noon on Tuesday April 27th. NO refunds after Thursday April 29th.
Ice cream social: This will be on Saturday afternoon 2:30-3:30pm. Cost is $1.63/1 scoop, $2.99/2 scoop, $4.35/3 scoop, Root Beer Floats: $2.71 – tax included. Bring Cash to pay when served. Do not include this in your total payment

  1. ___________ of scoops