The music room is a fun, creative place for the children and parents. The general goals for the music committee are to keep the instruments, equipment and materials maintained, create and suggest new activities for the music room, plan and set-up special school-wide festivals/weeks with a focus on music and dance, and decorate the music room if desired.

The specific descriptions of the committee member duties are as follows:

Note: Individual committee job duties will be divided differently each school year depending on the number of members assigned to the committee.  The number of members on the Music Committee has varied from 3-4 members.  The listing below is from the from the 2008/09 school year in which we had 3 members:

All Committee Members

  • Commit and plan ahead to participate in preparations and attend/assist with EVERY MUSIC COMMITTEE EVENT to ensure a successful experience. Suggestions include making arrangements with work well in advance (give boss the schedule of Music Committee setup days/times and event days/times at the beginning of the school year), scheduling a babysitter or play-date for the event prep/set up times if necessary, etc.
  • Work with the Chair to plan new equipment, materials, and activities for the music room.
  • Work with the Chair to plan, execute and attend special all-school music events (Holiday Caroling, It’s a Small World Music Festival Week, May Day Festival, May Flower Delivery)
  • Do weekly jobs and initial on the sign-off sheet when completed. Let the Chair know ahead of time if you can not complete your responsibilities so that job assignments may be re-distributed.
  • Participate in the end-of-year clean-up.


  • Attend meetings: Chair/Board Dinner, In-Service Meeting, Leadership Dinner, Children’s Curriculum Meetings, and committee meetings.
  • Communicate with committee members about upcoming events, duties, etc.
  • Initiate and plan special events, delegate and communicate the various responsibilities to committee members.
  • Call Committee Chairs (Art, Dramatic Play, New Experiences) to coordinate activities for the days of each music event (such as each day of the Music Festival, May Flower week etc).
  • Call parents the week prior to their participation with ideas/ suggestions for the music room.
  • Submit articles and information to the Bark pertaining to maintenance, activity suggestions, words to songs sung at circle time, and ensure announcements of special music events are submitted.
  • Make announcements at the evening meetings about special events, requests, and other information about the music room.
  • Organize the Santa Barbara Opera event.
  • Arrange for instrument and equipment repair.
  • Recommend new purchases of equipment, materials and music to the parent board.
  • Keep Music information current on the Oaks website.
  • Organize an Oaks Parent musician group to accompany/lead the Annual Oaks Camp-Out Fire Circle Sing-a-Long
  • Organize the end of the year clean-up.
  • Write a year-end report.

 Committee Member #2

  • Weekly: Check all costumes, scarves and parachute.
  • Weekly: Check to see that all instruments are in good repair and in tune. Notify Chair/Co-chairs regarding any needed repair or tuning.
  • Weekly: Check the audio equipment to make sure it is in good repair. Notify Chair/Co-chairs regarding any needed repairs.
  • Weekly: Clean/sort the music room cabinet, including maintaining or installing labels on the shelves in the music room. Make sure each instrument is stored in the correct location according to the labels. Check, rewind and re-box/re-sort tapes by number in drawers. Store costumes, scarves and parachutes attractively on/in their assigned locations (on shelves and hooks, folded, hung on hangers, etc.)
  • Weekly: Perform general music room maintenance. Clean cabinets, dust instruments outside of cabinets, such as the piano, autoharps, drum machine, guitars, etc. as necessary, and make sure general appearance of room is neat, attractive, and inviting. Decorate if desired.
  • Monthly: Clean CD and tape players using cleaning kits provided.
  • As Needed: Wash, iron, and repair costumes, scarves and parachutes (minimally- wash everything once a quarter).

Committee Member #3

NOTE: to avoid conflicts, duplications etc., this position should always be done by one person (not shared).

  • Contact and schedule musical guests for circle time (preferably every other week or more; a minimum of one guest per month). The Chair/Co-Chairs will provide performer contacts from previous years.
  • Record the performance dates in the director’s calendar as soon as possible so you can verify that there are no conflicting activities that day.
  • Provide the musical guest information to the Chair/Co-Chairs to announce at the weekly evening meetings.
  • Give Chair/Co-Chair musical information for the following month to include in article for the Bark.
  • Post the musical guest’s information on the gate the whole week (7 days) prior to the performance date.
  • Arrange for reserved seats for The Oaks children & adults to attend Opera and Symphony dress rehearsals.
  • Contact the Video Committee Chair well ahead of time so they can make arrangements to record the event. Follow up with a reminder the week prior to the performance.
  • On day of visitor’s performance, come to the Oaks to greet the visitor, help them set-up and introduce them at circle time. If you are unable to come, arrange for coverage.
  • After the performance, leave a note, or email the Corresponding Secretary with the details about each musical guest so that a thank you note can be written and sent to the guest. Use the form provided in the Secretary’s box.

Musical Guests Suggestions:

  • Repeat successful performers from the years before; they know what to expect.
  • Start calling guests up to 4-5 weeks ahead of time. Book them and record the date in Sunny’s calendar. Reconfirm with the guest at least a week prior to the performance date.
  • Make sure the guest(s) knows ahead of time that due to Board policy, their performance is always unpaid. Let them know that they can not advertise their business during their performance, but they can put up fliers on the community bulletin board if they wish (board located outside between director’s office and the children’s bathroom).
  • Confirm with the performer that their costume and performance are appropriate for preschoolers (for example, not too revealing or provocative and performance is not too long- ideally about 10-15 minutes).
  • Have the performer arrive at 11:15 to allow time to set up and also as security in case they arrive late. Start the performance at about 11:30 am. Some performers prefer to start earlier, which is fine, but keep in mind that the children can not stay seated for too long.