At the “New Families Only” meeting we were able to discuss how to use the books and activities in the storytime library. Hopefully, most new families gained some comfort level in using the children’s library and the activities. Although we may have discussed the Adult Library we did not discuss how to check out books. New parents that are interested in using the Adult Library will find the following guidelines helpful.

How to Check Out Books from the Adult Library

1. Find the blue library card located inside the book’s front cover. On the blue card clearly write the date and your name.

2. Drop the blue card into the black plastic card box located on the outer left side of the library shelf.

3. There is no defined due date, but a good guideline would be to try to return the book within a month.

Returning Books to the Adult Library

1. Find the blue library card you completed in the black plastic card box.

2. Cross out your name on the card, put the card back in the book’s pocket inside the front cover.

3. Return the book to the shelf under the appropriate category.