Facility Maintenance


Our mission is to maintain and improve our magnificent Oaks facility and grounds.

Committee Member Duties

1. Weekend yard work.

2. Recycling & Green Waste bins to curb.

3. Art porch trash to bins.

4. Coordinate Fall & Spring workshops.

5. Asphalt resealing (if necessary).

6. Miscellaneous repairs.

Weekend Yard Work

The committee members are responsible for coming to the Oaks to do weekend yard work (known as the “Mow & Blow”). Each committee member comes approximately 6 weekends during the year. The yard work starts the weekend prior to the first week of school. The Chair can contact returning committee families to sign up for the first several weekends since new families have not yet been assigned and will not yet know what to do.

At the first committee meeting present a prepared schedule (i.e. which family is responsible for which weekend) for the entire year, or figure one out at the meeting. Dates have been assigned in the past by rotating each family alphabetically throughout the year in 2 consecutive weekend increments. That spreads out the workload — families came in two consecutive weekends in the Fall term, two consecutive weekends in the Winter term and two consecutive weekends in the Spring term — for a total of six weekends each.

If a committee member is unable to do the yard work on one of their assigned weekends, they can switch weekends with another committee member. There is no Mow & Blow on the weekends of the 2 outdoor workshops, but you do need to come over all holidays including Christmas and Spring Breaks.

During the first committee meeting, an outline should be passed out clearly stating the weekend duties. Also, walk around the school, pointing out our supply closet, the electrical outlets, the water key, and answer general questions about the work. The yard work should always be done on Sundays.

The weekend work includes:

1. Blow all areas of the school including driveway, entryway, art porch, monkey bars, play mats (never sweep these ), under animal cages, tree house, bike area (including roof), and carpentry. Dispose of all green waste using garden trash bin (large, green, wheeled bin). Please do not blow leaves into creek, the ivy, or the planters. If you start at the end of the driveway and work your way toward school, you will not blow our leaves out onto Junipero.

2. Turn on sprinkler system with elongated water key (key is located on ledge outside the office window). If you blow driveway first and then turn on water, you can leave it on for awhile while you finish the rest of the school.

3. Mow & edge grass. The grass has had problems for a few years so mowing usually is more for sucking up the leaves that are blown onto the grass. Make sure that the mower blades are above 2″ (at least). Edging is only done as needed.

4. Wash play mats every 4th week with hot water.

5. Water all succulents and any other plants not on the sprinkler system.

6. Pick up all debris from gravel path on east side of building by trash cans and storage closets. This is usually done by raking or by hand.

Notes on Weekend Yard Work

Be sure to hang the NO TRESPASSING sign across the driveway when the yard work is completed.

When it rains, there are 2 options:

1. Forgo Mow & Blow, but rake and clean up as necessary.

2. Skip the Mow & Blow and come a day or so later when it stops raining. This is the preferred option.

If a family cannot come on a weekend they are assigned, it is their responsibility to find a substitute to switch with from the committee. The blower has an attachment for “vacuuming” up leaves into a bag. The box, instructions and attachments for the blower are in the shed.


Green waste bins and art porch trash

Our committee also helps with a few weekly chores. On Tuesdays after school the Recycling bins are carted to the curb for pick up the following day. On Thursdays after school the GREEN waste bin(s) are carted to the curb for pick up the following day. At least once per week the Art Porch Trash is taken out to the trash bins along the driveway.

These tasks take just a few minutes each per week, but help relieve staff from the many, many tasks performed around school. Typically one committee member is assigned to be permanently responsible for each of these tasks. The committee member is chosen based on their work day at school (i.e. when they would be at school anyway).  Check with the Director for the coming school year.

Asphalt Resealing

The asphalt resealing is typically done in the Fall. When scheduling the date, keep in mind the sooner the better due to rain. You cannot reseal the asphalt if it is raining or may rain the next day. It needs dry weather and sun to dry over the weekend. (See past reports for previous problems).

Generally, we only need 2 families (plus a supervising committee member who managed the project, bought supplies, etc) since we only reseal the driveway.  In the past it has required 5 families to handle the bike area, driveway, and entryway. Check with staff to see what areas will be resealed in the coming year. Send a sign up sheet around or ask for volunteers at a Wednesday night meeting several weeks beforehand.

There is a detailed explanation of how to reseal the asphalt in the binder. Always keep extra copies in the binder (do not give away your last copy). Make copies and give to the families who are going to participate so they can get an idea of what to expect and what to wear.

The committee is responsible for:

1. Purchasing the supplies ahead of time.

2. Having one committee member present to help and to supervise.

3. Make sure there is a water key available.

Fall and Spring Workshops

The Director will get together with the chair at the end of the previous school year to set the dates for the 2 workshops. They are typically at the beginning of November and the end of April. The workshop consists of a breakfast from 8:30 to 9:00 AM and then work from 9:00 to noon.

Components to the Workshops

1. Walk through with staff

2. Supplies

3. Waste receptacles

4. Communicating with membership

5. Prep work

6. Exemptions

7. Make-up jobs

8. Breakfast

9. Paperwork

The committee chair should have a set of RED T-SHIRTS to help identify the “go-to” supervisors on the day of the workshops. These shirts will be passed to next year’s committee.  Name tags are recommended for all families at the workshop.

Workshop Walk-Through

A few weeks before the workshop, staff will request a walk-through with the committee chair so a thorough job list can be complied for the workshop. This will also give you a good idea of jobs that can be done ahead of time for families that are unable to attend on the workshop day. The list usually falls into 3 main categories of landscaping, painting, and cleaning.


Check the back storage sheds to see what supplies the school already has before you purchase the new supplies. Staff can help you decide what may need to be purchased during the walk through. Typically paint brushes, sand paper, roller sponges and paint trays/buckets always need to be replenished. Check the paint supply as well. All paint is purchased from Frazee since they have the colors we use.

Paint colors:

Sand Dune (#180) Bike shed doors, carpentry table

Country Red (#520) Sand toy boxes, A-Frames, hat box

Wood Violet (#523) A-frames, benches, bike area border, bus stop

Coach House (#???) Tree-house, entryway round table

Obtain some sanding masks for people doing the sanding


It is advisable to contact 3-4 families to bring power sanders to each of the workshops. Check the skills folder to find appropriate families. This is extremely helpful for sanding the day of the workshops.

Prep Work

The Friday before the workshop, everything that is getting painted needs to be prepared for the next day. All items to be painted need to be cleaned with a TSP/water solution, thoroughly rinsed off, and dried. Anything that can be moved needs to be placed in the bike area to be painted the following day. It was also helpful to do the Mow & Blow in the back part of school (carpentry, bike area, tree house, monkey bars, art porch) on Friday so you are not blowing dust around while trying to paint. There will not be a committee member present (except to get them started), so make sure you leave someone responsible in charge. Make sure they clean everything up when they leave.

Make-Up Jobs

It is so important to announce at the beginning of the year (at a Wednesday night meeting and in the Bark) the date for the Fall workshop and that it is a mandatory event for all families. The only families eligible to substitute an extra job on a different day are those families with a true emergency (such as family wedding, funeral, illness, etc… Excuses do not include no babysitting, vacation, soccer game, or alternate plans).

Potluck Breakfast

Two or three weeks prior to the workshop, a breakfast sign-up list needs to be passed around at a Wednesday night meeting. Breakfast begins at 8:30 a.m. and work begins at 9:00 am. Half of the membership brings a breakfast item in the fall and the other half brings something in the spring. Sign-ups should include juice, fruit, baked goods, and savory (egg/meat) dishes.


Bi-annually, BFI donates 2 three-yard bins for our workshop garbage. One bin is for trash and the other green waste. Call BFI several weeks before the workshop to request this donation. Arrange to have the bins delivered the Friday prior to the workshop and retrieved the Monday following the workshop. BFI’s phone number is 965-5248. After the workshop, a thank you note needs to be sent by the Correspondence Secretary. Remind the secretary via email to send this letter.


The following paperwork needs to be created prior to each workshop. Most templates can be found on the F.M disk.

1. Asphalt sign-up (fall only)

2. Make-up jobs (better not to pass around but do in person)

3. Workshop Job List for Gardening, Painting and Cleaning (made after walk-through with Staff)

4. Breakfast sign-up

5. Sign sheet – to make sure all families attended

6. Workshop placement – jobs to do on day of workshop (gardening, painting, cleaning)

Rain Out of Workshop

In 2008, the spring outdoor workshop was rescheduled due to rain. It rained very hard on Friday morning, and it was forecast to rain again on Sunday. Although the forecast for the day of the workshop was to be clear, it was decided that the gardening would be hard to accomplish due to wet, soggy ground and that anything that was painted on Saturday would be in jeopardy since it was to rain on Sunday. The decision was made to split the workshop into 3 mini workshops – a small cleaning workshop (mostly inside jobs) for the original Saturday (April 21st). A painting workshop held the following Saturday (April 28th) and a Gardening/Outdoor clean-up workshop held 2 Saturdays later (May 5th). All the families were called on Friday prior to the workshop and requested they pick one of the 3 rescheduled dates. The breakfast was canceled.

Miscellaneous Repairs/Jobs

Throughout the year, Staff will notice various items around campus that are breaking or in need of repair. It is best if you refer to your skills list for carpenters, plumbers, etc. These families will usually gladly do these repairs in lieu of a workshop or two. For large jobs that need professional work, check with board ahead of time and then hire someone to do job.

Repairs/Special Jobs for 2009-2010 school year:

1. Fix rotting wood on bench next to the tree house

Sand Box Sand

The vendor is Newton Building Supplies, phone 967-4549. The sand we use is called WASHED RIVER SAND. The sand box is approximately 210 sq. ft. We purchased 2.5 cubic yards of sand (Newton converts this to tons).

FYI: 2 cubic yards will raise the sand in the sandbox (210 sq. ft) approx. 3 inches all around.

Chair Responsibilities & Tips

The Chair needs to be organized and on top of things to help the year run smoothly. Here are some hints and tips:

1. Before school starts, contact the returning families on your committee and arrange for each family to do one or two Mow & Blow weekends until your first committee meeting.

2. Prepare an outline for Mow & Blow responsibilities as well as a welcome letter (including all members phone numbers, emails and yearly committee duties) to hand out to committee members at the first meeting.

3. Lead all committee meetings (usually during Wednesday meetings) and encourage group ideas and discussions.

4. Call/email to remind committee members before each weekend of their Mow & Blow duties. When a family forgets, they have to come on Monday to do it.

5. Introduce yourself to the membership at the Wednesday night meeting a few weeks into school. Explain what your committee does, announce first workshop date, and explain about emergencies for missing the workshop.

6. Get your committee involved early in planning the workshops.

7. Write bark entries and submit them to Corresponding Secretary by deadline.

8. Make announcements at Wednesday night meetings and put notices on front gate to remind people of upcoming workshops.

9. Check supplies in supply cupboard, such as gas for mower.

10. Maintain all tools and repair when needed.

11. Look through the notebook for tips from previous years and look at the Facilities Maintenance CD for forms that are already created.

12. Write end of year report.

13. Delegate some of the workshop responsibilities to your committee. I suggest having one or two committee members be in charge of each area at the workshop (inventory and purchase needed supplies, lead/supervise the crew during the workshops).


Have fun, stay organized, keep committee and membership informed, and let your committee help you.