The art area is one of the most popular areas for the children in our morning program. Every morning there are two art activities set up at the Oaks, one on the art porch and one in the art room. The Art Committee keeps the art areas clean and well organized so that the participating parents can easily access needed supplies and the area is kept attractive for children and parents alike. The Art Committee Chair also assists the participating parents with age appropriate art ideas to help in their planning.


Each committee member will have individual job responsibilities and, in addition, there are several group tasks which everyone on the committee will work on together. Your total committee work should not average more than one hour per week.


1. You may be helping the Chair of the committee put up and take down the art display at the public library during the month of December. We will discuss when, where and what to do closer to that time.

2. The Art Committee is responsible for organizing and staffing two festivals during the year. Post office week will be February 9-15 (3 days this week to be decided). You will need to help with set-up, take-down, and monitoring the materials throughout the week. The chalk festival will be the week of May 25-31 (3 days this week to be decided). You will need to help with either set-up, take-down, or coming in an extra day to help the children. Specific responsibilities will be determined closer to the dates of the festivals.

3. There will be an end of year clean-up of the art area that will be scheduled by the Chair of the committee. She will notify you of when to attend.

4. The Art Committee Chair is responsible for communicating ideas for activities in the art area during the morning program to the participating parents. She may ask you to help out with suggestions for the Oaks Bark or presentations at evening meetings.


The committee members shall rotate every other month between the job groups. There will be a sign-off sheet in the art closet where you will indicate when you have completed a particular task. If you find yourself unable to complete any of your responsibilities on time, please contact the committee chairperson immediately so that she can assign someone else to assist you.

A description of the different job assignments are as follows:

Rotation 1:

• Wash the aprons every other week

• Refill liquid watercolor containers and bingo bottles twice per month

• Cut 8×11 cardboard for collages

• Cut paper for tabletop painting and marble painting

Rotation 2:

• Wash paint off cupboards, posts, walls, table, and benches on art porch once

• Wash concrete floor on art porch once

• Take Easel apart and scrub thoroughly once

Please remember to initial the Job Rotation Chart after completing your task (located in the Art Closet). 

Thank you!