Animal Enrichment

General Goals: Maintain the health and well being of the Oaks animals. Monitor animal health, replenish animal supplies, and provide assistance to Oaks parents on animal rotation during the school week. Arrange for animal visitors during the school year.

Duties Throughout the School Year:

  • Check in with parent on animal rotation to answer questions and address problems.
  • Bring in fresh greens and check supply. Throw out spoiled greens, if any.
  • Bring in newspapers for rabbit cage–store in bin in animal shed.
  • Arrange for a minimum of three animal visitors per school year.

Weekend Duties During Assigned Rotation:

  • Come in for approximately one hour each day of the weekend or break.
  • Bring fresh greens from home.
  • Set up enclosure on lawn with shade (or on art porch with towels on rainy day) and place animals in enclosure with water.
  • Clean hutches, water bottles, bowls and litter box. Replenish food and water including greens.
  • Hold and brush each rabbit and check for health issues: eye discharge, poop on bottom, nails in need of trimming, etc.
  • Empty trash can if more than 2/3 full.
  • Sweep animal shed.

Animal Visitors

  • Secure three animal visitors during the school year, to visit on your non-work day.
  • Visitor times are 9:30-10:00 or 11:00-11:30.
  • Check calendar on Director’s desk prior to scheduling visitors to prevent conflicts with other committees.
  • Check Animal Committee mailbox for list of visitors that have already been arranged. Write your visitor on the list.
  • Write your visitor on the Director’s calendar once it is scheduled.
  • Provide visitor information to Animal Committee Chair for inclusion in The Bark.
  • Announce visitor at Wednesday night meeting a week or two before.
  • Post sign on gate informing people of the upcoming visitor.
  • Submit visitors information to the Corresponding Secretary so that she can send a thank-you note.
  • Make sure to confirm with visitor prior to the the scheduled date.
  • Be present for the visit–Set up before if needed, greet visitor, announce the visitor to the children and clean up afterward. Help the visitor with carrying items to and from from their car if necessary. Thank them for coming!!