Adult Social


The Adult Social Committee’s primary goal is to organize activities that enable the Oaks parents to get to know each other and bond together as a community. In addition to being co-participants in this wonderful co-operative, we hope that the Oaks families will consider themselves friends.


  • T-shirt sample orders (summertime)
  • New families are matched up with returning families in the “Buddy Program” (summertime)
  • Happy Hour socials (possibly quarterly)
  • Wednesday night snack schedule (Year-round)
  • T-Shirt sales and distribution (September/October)
  • Family Photo Day fundraiser 
  • Progressive Dinner 
  • Year-end Potluck 


Wednesday Night Snack (weekly)

One person will be in charge of scheduling the refreshments throughout the year. The job itself consists of making a few phone calls, posting reminder notes on the gate, keeping an updated list of who has had a turn bringing refreshments, and preparing a monthly email for the Correspondence secretary to publish in the Bark.

Family Photo Day (Sunday, October 25, 2009)

This is one of the Oaks fundraising events. The members of the Adult Social Committee need to be available to work a few hours that day. We divide the 12 hour day evenly so that at least one member of the committee is at the school to make sure things are running smoothly, the schedule of sittings is on track and to act as a liaison between the school and the photographer.

Progressive Dinner (Saturday, January 23, 2010)

Create lists for food sign up. Make and copy maps to the participating homes. Shop for and deliver to the host houses drinks, paper goods, and utensils. Arrive early and set up a greeting table at the appetizer house and clean up afterwards. Arrive early at the dessert home to set up coffee, plates, drinks. Stay until the end and help clean up.

End of the Year Potluck (Wednesday, June 9, 2010)

Reserve the date with SB Parks and Recreations. Arrange for table covering. Shop for and deliver to the park water, paper goods, and utensils. Arrive early to help set-up the event as well as stay late to clean up the area.