The daily operations and activities at The Oaks are coordinated by a variety of committees. These committees may change slightly from year to year depending on the needs of our school. Each family is required to serve on one of these committees to actively participate in the planning and operation of the school and its programs. Committee work is really the HEART of our Co-operative. Our hope is that each family may choose committee work that suits their talents so that it will be a rewarding and enriching experience for all!

The various committees oversee the children’s curriculum, the adult activities, and the maintenance of the school’s facilities. Each committee is comprised of a chair (or co-chairs) that is a returning parent, and several other members that include both new and returning families. A few committees are single member. Committee meetings are held on a regular and as needed basis, and committee work should generally not exceed an average of one hour a week. The Vice Chair of the Parent Board of Directors coordinates these committees.

The following offers a brief description of each of the committees’ responsibilities.


This committee plans and implements events for parents to get to know and enjoy each other socially. It sets up the Buddy program in the summer, plans our family picture day, and coordinates T-shirt sales. This committee also organizes the Back to School “Meet-and-Greet”, the Progressive Dinner and Year-end Potluck. It also coordinates the parent refreshment schedule for the evening meetings. Other possibilities for this committee include planning additional social gatherings for parents away from school throughout the year.


This committee is responsible for the care of the school animals. This includes all weekend feedings and coordinating the care of the animals during all school breaks. The committee is encouraged to expand the children’s (and parents’) appreciation of animals in various ways, including animal visitors. In the past The Oaks has had visitors such as a veterinarian, baby goats, the Police K-9 unit, owls, macaws and various reptiles. The committee is encouraged to involve children in the care of our animals.


This committee shares ideas for art projects with the general membership using a wide variety of media, with emphasis on the creative approach rather than using adult “planned projects”. The focus is on the creative process of using various art materials without concern for the end result. The committee is also responsible for guiding the overall rotation of activities and routine chores in the art area. Each committee member will have individual job responsibilities, and in addition, there are several group tasks that everyone on the committee will work on together. The Art Committee may plan some special events such at the Chalk Festival in the spring. This committee will also work together with the Music Committee to plan the Winter Festival at The Oaks.


This committee is responsible for sharing ideas for creative and dramatic play activities in the Doll Room area of the school. It is responsible for rotating activity materials such as dress up clothes (which are stored in the Music Room), activity kits, dolls and kitchen area items and maintaining the condition of these materials. They may also work to develop appropriate recipes for children as the Doll Room is often used for cooking with our children. This committee is also responsible for helping to set up special dramatic play events and play centers such as Gift Wrapping, Post Office, and Grocery Store and coordinate the annual Harvest Festival.


This committee maintains the schoolyard and building. The work on this committee includes coming to the school on the weekend and doing necessary yard work. This is on a rotating schedule with your other committee members. It also schedules two Saturday workshops for the entire membership to participate in the upkeep of the school. The committee plans, and supervises these workshops.


This committee is responsible for weekly light housekeeping chores needed at the school. The major responsibility of this group is to wash and fold dirty laundry at The Oaks. This requires that members take home laundry on a rotating basis set up by the committee chair.


The Librarian is responsible for organizing and promoting our book collection at The Oaks. He/she should spend some time each week keeping the books and activities well organized. The Librarian will also work together with the Director to choose new books to add to the Oaks Library from time to time. The Librarian will make sure that books are repaired if needed and that all supplemental materials are in good shape throughout the year. In addition, the Librarian will coordinate the Scholastic Program by collecting and distributing book orders to the membership. This position will also coordinate eScrip sign ups as well as the annual Chaucer’s book fair.


This committee’s primary job is to promote the use and appreciation of music. It plans and shares activities in which the children use songs, dance and musical instruments. It maintains the equipment and recommends additional purchases for our music area of the school. It may also coordinate with other curriculum committees some special activities such as the May Pole, caroling at the convalescent hospital, and an international music week. The Music Committee is also responsible for coordinating musical guests at circle time and committee partners with the Art Committee to plan the Winter Festival as well.


This committee coordinates activities and shares ideas with the membership surrounding science. The curriculum in New Experiences focuses on activities whereby the children learn through observation and manipulation. This committee schedules visitors and maintains a hands-on display in the science corner and initiates creative play ideas. It also coordinates with the Sustainability Committee to host the Earth Festival in the spring.


This committee suggests ideas for activities in all the outdoor areas, including carpentry, Wheel Toys, Sandbox and gardening. It initiates ideas for large muscle play. It maintains carpentry supplies that include replenishing our wood supply when needed. It is responsible for the maintenance of the wheel toys in our bike area. This committee is also responsible for planning and implementing our annual end-of-the-year camping trip along with the Camping Festival that precedes it.


This committee plans and implements our yearly fund- raising project in which all Oaks families participate. Coordinating the Oaks Annual Auction that takes place in the spring is the primary responsibility of this committee. There is generally a Chairperson and between five and six additional members each with a specific job. Common breakdown of responsibilities are: Food/beverage, Live-Auction, Silent-Auction, Program/tickets, Auction Pay, etc. The committee will plan all aspects of this wonderful event and coordinate the participation of all Oaks families.


The Sustainability Chair partners closely with the Director and Assistant Director to support existing sustainable practices at The Oaks. This position will also continue to research ongoing possibilities to promote “green” practices at The Oaks both in our daily curriculum and operation. This includes providing our families with information about sustainable living. The Sustainability Chair should also be partnering with the various curriculum committees to encourage activities that involve our children as we strive to increase our capacity for “green” curriculum.


The Technology Chair will manage and update technology needs at The Oaks and provide IT support to the Parent Board. He/she will maintain our Google group and website. In this way, he/she will work closely with the Director and the Membership Chair on the Parent Board. The Technology Chair will also aid the Director in technology needs as they arise at The Oaks. This may include advising purchases, managing the music system, and troubleshooting where needed. The Technology Chair will also work with the Auction Committee to coordinate the software and hardware needed to execute our fundraiser.


The Field Trip Coordinator plans and manages our special enrichment program for rising kindergarteners. This program affords age appropriate children the opportunity to attend field trips off campus with Parent chaperones. The Coordinator works closely with the Director to choose venues and dates for these excursions and is responsible for all correspondence with participating families as well as the venues.


This position works closely with the Parent Board and the Director and Assistant Director at The Oaks. This member will discuss the goals of the Oaks Parent Board and research funding sources to help reach these goals. This person will collaborate with the Board in writing to a variety of grants in an effort to raise money for the maintenance and improvement of The Oaks. This position will also find opportunities to promote our school to a larger community. This may include providing brochures to Adult Ed Programs and providing the local paper with stories of interest and/or information regarding The Oaks.


This Committee (which may be split into “video” and “photo” separately) is responsible for taking all photos of children and parents for the snack table boards as well as individual photos of children to be used at the Auction. They will also provide photos for the Bark and the website. This committee will also represent the school year in an end of the year video. It will be the responsibility of this committee to take and arrange all footage to create a creative video that captures the “spirit of The Oaks”. The video will be shown during our last meeting of the year and the committee will be responsible for making a copy for each family to take with them.